BMW Wheels

Wheels to Match the Class of your BMW Vehicles

The German Auto Manufacturer, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) is a prominent player in the auto industry. Its commitment to excellence has not only helped it earn a name in its home country but also helped it secure a position on the global map. BMW today is a trusted name in the auto industry.

BMW vehicles stand out for their unmatched quality and superb designs. Coming to own a BMW vehicle feels great however; to keep it going great and looking great it requires proper care and maintenance. Not only this, you could spice up the look of your car with a few upgrades as and when your pocket permits.

One option to you is a change of wheels. But, not all wheels are made to fit BMW vehicles. We have an extensive line-up of wheels designed exclusively for vehicles across their range. As a designer, manufacturer and retailer of quality and affordable wheels, MRR Design is ready to equip your vehicle with the right fit of BMW wheels.

Choose a Size your vehicles demands: BMW manufactures a line of coupes and convertible, sedans, executive cars, crossovers and sports utility vehicles. Our selection of BMW wheels includes a array of standard figments. In terms of size, we offer 18”, 19”, 20” and 22” wheels. Selecting the right wheel size is important for your vehicle as large and small sizes affect vehicle handling, steering, stability and comfort. Check the inventory of BMW wheels to select the size your vehicle demands

Choose a Finish of your choice: Why stick to the conventional colors and finishes when there are many more options to choose from? Here at MRR design, you can choose from among different finishes including matte black, hyper silver, hyper black, gunmetal, gloss black, chrome and polished. Choose a finish that will accentuate your vehicle. Why should you buy MRR BMW wheels?

BMW vehicles stand out for stability and responsive handling. Vehicle wheels and tires can further enhance or impair its ability to do so. Therefore, your vehicle should be fitted with high quality wheels and those of the right size. Different BMW models vary with respect to the technical fit and specifications. We at MRR Design create wheels that fulfill requirements of different models ensuring maximum comfort and safety. In addition to this, our BMW wheels stand out for their style and design. They look great and bear a resemblance to the original BMW wheels. As far as quality control is concerned, they meet the standards of ISO 9001 &9002, VIA and JWL.

MRR design is the one-stop solution for BMW wheels. You can find the precise fitment for your vehicle. And, if you’re still confused you can use the fitment guide. Our sales representatives will guide you in the wheel buying process whether you’re only looking to replace old ones or whether you’re considering upgrading them.

So, don’t settle for low grade wheels. MRR Design will provide you with aftermarket wheels in a variety of sizes and finishes that will help create a look you want minus the exorbitant prices. Take a look at the available stock and place your order. Give you vehicle it’s much needed makeover with wheels that match the class of BMW.