Porsche Wheels

Porsche Cars: Give Your Vehicle Only What It Deserves

Buying a Porsche is like a dream come true for so many of us especially those who put aside penny by penny with a deep desire that someday they shall come to own it. After all who wouldn’t want to call the car that features among the most coveted vehicles their own? The sleek and polished look is so captivating.

However, such vehicles also require regular maintenance and upkeep. And the wheels always take first place. This car part is the most important and also the one that wears out fastest. It largely contributes to the handling ability, stability and ride comfort. Therefore, fitting your vehicle with high quality wheels is crucial.

Porsche owners should inspect the condition of wheels and replace them in case of damage. Wheels can also be changed to add to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. However, buying branded wheels becomes too pricey. Buying aftermarket wheels is a suitable alternative to this and you can get Porsche wheels right here at MRR Design.

As an aftermarket wheel brand, our wheels are built to meet the technical fit of various vehicles within the Porsche fold. We offer superior quality goods that closely resemble your original Porsche wheels. The added bonus is you can create the look you want without having to break the bank.

A Glance at what we offer for Porsche

At MRR Design we model and create custom wheels that suit the standard of luxury of the Porsche vehicle you own. Getting the right wheel size is always a major concern when it comes to replacing wheels as an improper size will impact the overall performance of your vehicle.  At MRR Designs, there are standard figments available in sizes of 18”, 19”, 20”and 22”. Thus, you can choose a wheel that fits your vehicle the best. In addition to this, the sales representatives and staff at MRR Design offer the needed guidance to help you make the best choice.

Along with the size, we also allow more customization options. There are various finishes you can choose from. They include matte black, hyper silver, hyper black, gunmetal, gloss black, chrome and polished. The materials are sturdy and durable. Not only this, the wheels and rims are subject to the standards of accrediting institutions such ISO 9001&9002, VIA and JWL. This stands as a mark of our credibility in terms of safety and quality.

Traits that describe our Porsche Wheels Line-up and our business on the whole

✓     MRR Design wheels are built of superior quality materials and cutting edge technology

✓     Wheels are tested for performance, safety and quality prior to shipping

✓     There is an overwhelming variety of sizes that fit your vehicle and finishes that compliment your vehicle while reflecting your personal tastes.

✓      MRR Design offers high performance wheels available at very affordable prices.

✓     We stand for the products we sell offering the much needed support and service to our customers.

Take some time to browse through our inventory of aftermarket wheels for Porsche. If you have any query regarding an application or require a deeper insight into the product specifications for a Porsche wheel, give us a call or drop us a mail. We assure you that you that this will be your last stop for Porsche wheels.