Camaro Fest IX

MRR Wheels was at Camaro Fest IX in Beech Bend Raceway Park located at Bowling Green, Kentucky. This show was a four day event with various events going on like Drag Racing, Meet & Greet, and a car show. 

With the various amount of support we got from our Camaro fitment wheels like the M228, M017, M650, and M755 we wanted to show appreciation to the Camaro community. As one of sponsors for Camaro Fest, MRR Wheels primary presence was at the car show July 12th and 13th. 

We meet with a lot of friendly Camaro owners at the event and even got a few photoshoots out of it! Thanks to all the folks at Camaro Fest for having us!

Camaro5 ^M228 Wheels
Camaro 6 Red^ M228 Wheels

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