MRR Up Close: 5th and 6th Gen Camaro Wheels

The Chevrolet Camaro remains one of the most popular cars today. Enthusiasts modify theirs into machines worthy of street cred and attention. Now, MRR Wheels got models like the FS01, FS06, M228, and M755 to suit whatever you’re building. 

When you talk about the Camaro, these words come up: performance, style, and timeless. It’s hard to ignore a car as great as this one, especially since it is the Mustang’s fabled rival. The car doesn’t come short of people who love what it’s got. 

But what Camaro lovers are faced with is the finite resources they can spend on their cars. Fortunately, MRR Wheels has reasonably-priced options for your builds. These affordable wheels can bring the A-game with you still having room for other upgrades. 

MRR Wheels for Your Camaro

Wouldn’t it be fun if swapping wheels on your car were as easy as it is in Gran Turismo? While that’s far from reality, MRR Wheels is nothing short of having an interesting wheel line-up. Let’s look at those that look good on your Camaro. 


The FS01 is one of MRR’s flagship wheels. It has a lot of motorsports elements in it - from being flow-formed to having a split-spoke design. 

The long ornamental spokes work well with a bit of concavity. They continue to the very edge of the wheel’s circumference. This makes the FS01 appear larger, perfect for giving the Camaro a sharp look. It can even look better on the custom MRR finishes. 


The FS06 is another wheel inspired by motorsports racing. It is flow-formed for durability and weight reduction, making your Camaro even more enjoyable to drive.

The wheel’s distinct five Y-spokes add a sporty charm and get you a better look at your Camaro’s brake kit. It especially works if you’re a fan of the five-star look. 

Picking a set of FS06 for your build should be easy. Its size ranges from 19 to 21 inches, just the right size for a modern Camaro build. 

MRR M017

The M017 is one for the five-star wheel lovers in the Camaro camp. This model got its design cues from a popular Camaro wheel option. It is the go-to model for owners who want to have a bit of style while keeping an OE look. 

You can get playful with the custom finishes to stand out. The best part - you don’t have to spend a lot more than you have to.

MRR M228

The M228 is nothing short of edgy and attractive. Its wide Y-spokes create a lot of space. It lets you marvel at the details it got, as well as the brake kit you have on your Camaro. 

This eye-catcher comes in 20” and 22” sizes and with varying widths so you can pull off a square or staggered set-up. 

MRR M650

The M650 is the ode to top-tier Camaro performance wheels. The wheel is two five-star designs put on top of each other. This creates an aggressive appearance that suits the car’s character.

If you want to rock the M650, it’s best to complete your build with other performance upgrades and body kits too!

MRR M755

The M755 brings edginess and energy to the classic five-star design everybody loves. Its spokes are angular and pointy, adding aggressive vibes to an already sporty car.

Its flow-forged construction makes the M755 lighter and more durable. This is perfect for enjoying performance cars like the Camaro and Corvette.

MRR Forged FG08

The FG08 is one of the more intricate designs in the MRR Wheels roster. At one glance, this wheel is undeniably inspired by the trends in motorsports wheels. 

It has Y-spokes that come with a twist - weight reduction pockets. Aside from their true function, the pockets also make the FG08 look even better. So, if you want to add that upper-tier motorsports appeal to your Camaro, then you should consider this wheel. 

What Started the Camaro Following?

The Chevrolet Camaro rose to fame when it became the first car to challenge the Ford Mustang. That was the start of the pony wars and the ‘67 Camaro meant serious business. In contrast to the Mustang’s look, it had a boxier appearance. The Camaro looked more aggressive from the body, grille, fenders, pillars, and lights. Matched with a Chevy V8 block, it was a hit! The car was seen all around the US, whether it was on the street or on the track. 

But its three succeeding generations had a sleeker Euro-inspired styling. They looked awesome too but a lot different than the first. Then the Camaro was discontinued in 2002. Little did people know that it would make a comeback in April 2009.

What Makes the 5th and 6th Gen Camaros Appealing?

There was no better comeback than a modern take of the Camaro’s original look paired with a potent LS V8. Chevy pulled it off with the 5th gen Camaro and introduced it to a whole new generation of enthusiasts. 

Today, both the 5th and 6th gen Camaros are very appealing to enthusiasts of all ages. Their cars come alive on the streets often bearing classic and modern touches. Even with a parking lot full of Camaros, you wouldn’t get tired of looking at the sheer diversity of builds. 

An enthusiast’s love for the Camaro is immense but not everybody has deep pockets for splurging on car upgrades. At the end of the day, you would want a streetable car rather than a money pit that never drives out of the garage. 

MRR Wheels has helped Camaros owners achieve that with affordable wheel options. And it will continue to do so, maybe with even more wheel models soon. So stay tuned!

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