Shaping The Future: Mach E and MRR Wheels

The Mustang Mach E made headlines when Ford introduced it in 2019. It became a vehicle that broke conventions and expectations. Soon after, MRR Wheels went to the drawing board to get the right fitment sorted out for this new crossover. Here we look at how models like the FS06 and GF6 fit into the Mach E’s narrative.

The Ford Mustang is one of the most recognizable cars in the world. The mere mention of its name can make people excited. And there’s a good chance that a sizeable number from every generation today would have driven or ridden in one already.

For those who own Mustangs, changing the wheels is one of the quickest ways to add more personality. MRR Wheels thinks the same with the new Mustang Mach E. While this crossover is an entirely different creature, it can most certainly rock aftermarket wheels.

MRR Wheels for the Mustang Mach E

Take a step back and appreciate how the Mustang Mach E looks. Its body lines are all about the modern world and the tech that comes with it. For this reason, the MRR Wheels line-up works well with the Mach E.


The MRR FS06 is a flow-form wheel, easily recognized by its split five spokes. These are spaced wide apart from each other, allowing you to show off the brakes. A closer look also shows finer details on the spokes, including their pointed tips.

The design is both modern and aggressive. But you can also argue that there’s some level of finesse in it.

That’s why it works for both classy and sporty builds. More than that, MRR Wheels can help you get a custom fitment specific to the look you have in mind. 


The MRR GF6 is a clean multi-spoke wheel in the MRR Wheels line-up. The ten spokes spread to the very edge of the wheel, making the wheel appear even bigger.

Its concavity that adds depth to the piece. This helps create a nice sporty stance for a modern vehicle like the Mach E.

The GF6’s design is a perfect example of elegance in simplicity. This wheel makes a nice complement to the Mustang Mach E. It adds personality without stealing the show away from the car itself. 

The Mustang Mach E

So, what do we know about this crossover?

As how Ford puts it, the Mach E is a vehicle inspired by the ideals that created the Mustang’s legacy. It embodies freedom, progress, performance, and a touch of rebellion. And by rebellion, it could be the fact that the crossover is a whole new vehicle altogether.  

Developing the Mach E is driven by the industry’s shift to electric vehicles. The revolution started with hybrids first but the all-electric cars like the Teslas changed the pace of the game significantly. 

Ford, one of the biggest car manufacturers, answered by creating the Mustang Mach E. It made sure the crossover wasn’t just any boring tree-hugging vehicle. The Mach E’s all-electric powertrain delivers substantial horsepower and torque to match the likes of the Porsche Macan. 

Shifting to Electric Vehicles

One of Ford’s biggest challenges is introducing the Mach E to people who have grown to love the Mustang as the sporty coupe. A lot of them aren’t happy to share the nameplate with the crossover. They would rather have Ford execs name the electric vehicle something else.

But you can argue that the Mach E is meant for a different market. This new generation of drivers values mobility and modern tech, more than just sheer performance. MRR Wheels is with Ford in showing that the Mach E can be a fun electric vehicle to have. With a few tweaks like wheel upgrades, it will be ready for car meets. 

Two-Door Mustangs

It goes without saying that the two-door Mustangs still capture the hearts of enthusiasts. After all, pony cars are still fun to drive and own.

The new ones have all the modern upgrades and creature comforts, but every generation carries the DNA found in the 1964 ½. 

Likewise, MRR Wheels is more than thankful to enthusiasts who represent the brand in their S197s and S550s. Rocking the wheels on these icons is such an honor. 

The Love for Mustangs

The Mustang Mach E be an electrifying experience to those who dare to take a chance on it. But not everyone is ready to jump to the trend just yet. The Mustangs people know from the past and present generations are still rooted in all that V8 goodness and appeal. 

Regardless, it’s certain that the love for Mustangs will remain no matter how much the automotive landscape changes in the next decade or so. And MRR Wheels will be right there to keep the Mustang legacy alive.

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